Friday, July 26, 2013

Aquatic Invertebrate Photography

Last month the powers-that-be at the Chippewa Valley Audubon Club got together to discuss our next year of programming.  I volunteered to do a presentation on aquatic macroinvertebrates for our May 2014 meeting.  I do a lot of programs on aquatic macroinvertebrates in local schools and in the community.  However, all of those programs are of the hands-on variety.  I don't have slideshow or Powerpoint program - what was I thinking.  So it looks like between now and next May I need to develop a program that shows some of the organisms that can be found in our local waters. 

Yesterday was my first attempt at getting some of the photos that I will need.  I used my wife's digital zoom camera for these pictures - I do not have a macro lens for my DSLR and don't want to mess with extension tubes, tripod, etc..  It looks like I am going to need to purchase a digital scope to get pics of some of the smaller organisms - SWEET! 

Giant Water Bug - not sure if this one has parasites or if those are eggs, some species are back brooders.  In which case the female lays eggs on the back of the male, but I usually find those earlier in the Spring.

Another view of the same Giant Water Bug

Dragonfly nymph - possibly a Green Darner

Same dragonfly nymph from above

Backswimmer- not the light colored back, when seen from below this blends in with the sky.

Backswimmer consuming a small waterboatman

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