Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Abstract Forms in Ice

New posts have been few and far between over the past few weeks.  Initially Christmas Break was to blame - I really had no intention of posting much during the time between Christmas and New Years.

Then once I got back to work last week my busy schedule got in the way of taking photographs and writing.

And through it all I kept getting sick.  I had a cold twice.  I managed to avoid getting the flu, even though Shara was sick with it.  Finally both of us got pink eye (conjunctivitis).

To top it all off, our home internet has been down for several days.

So today I am back at work (still taking a day off from visiting schools due to the conjunctivitis) and it looked like a good day to go out and get a few pictures.  I went to Chipp-A-Waters Park on Mt. Pleasant's southwest side and spent about ninety minutes walking around in the woods and along the trails. 

I took quite a few photos, but my favorites are these ones of jagged pieces of ice in the Chippewa River.

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