Friday, October 30, 2015

The Sun Comes Up...

Sunrise near Mt. Pleasant (30 OCT 2015)

Just a photo of this morning's sunrise. 

The best sunrises always come in the fall and winter months.  The right kind of clouds are needed for a good sunrise - dark and brooding, with the hint of snow.  The clouds of spring and summer rarely get it right. 

The best sunrises take their time.  The fall and winter sun seems to want to stay just over the horizon and it comes creeping slowly into view, like a shy cat.  The sun of spring and summer seems to leap up over the horizon and come bounding toward you like an exuberant dog. 

Summer sunrises tend to be quickly forgotten. The length of the day makes us feel that the sun is our right - that it will always be there.  In fall and winter, we know that the sun is a privilege.  We only get its joy for a few hours a day if we are lucky.  Even at 20 below zero, a winter sunrise leaves you feeling warm.  It is not taken for granted. 

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