Friday, January 22, 2016

Native Pollinator Garden Update - Winn Elementary (22 January 2016)

Earlier this week I shared some photographs of the Native Pollinator Garden at the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum.  Today I visited Winn Elementary to do a couple of presentations and decided to take a few photographs of their Native Pollinator Garden.

Looking into the garden from the school entrance

The view from the far end of the garden.  The bee nesting box is waiting for residents.

This garden is certified as a Monarch Waystation and Native Plant Butterfly Garden

Butterflyweed is a Monarch host plant

Nodding Wild Onion

Bird Bath and Leopold bench

Sky Blue Aster
Purple Coneflowers provide winter food for birds

I am starting to really look forward to spring.  I am excited to see what surprises will happen in the gardens this year!

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