Thursday, February 25, 2016

After the storm (25 FEB 2016)

Yesterday I was thinking about spring.  Today it looks like this outside.  All of the local schools were closed so I stayed home today.  Time will tell if schools are open tomorrow - the city streets are mostly clear, but there are miles and miles of country roads to plow.

I paused during shoveling to take a few photographs.

It was difficult to judge, but it looked like we had about 8 inches of snow at our house in Alma.  Yesterday morning our yard was completely bare and a few plants were showing green leaves in the garden.  Now everything is buried under a new blanket.

One of the bee nesting structures with a frosty new cap

The snow was heavy enough that branches on our ornamental crabapple tree were drooping to the ground

The birdbath looked like some sort of bizarre white-capped mushroom

One of your Pine Siskins is very unafraid and continued to feed while I photographed it from less than 10 feet away

The sun trying to break through the clouds this morning.

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