Monday, March 7, 2016

Wildflower Association of Michigan Annual Conference 2016.

It's conference time for me.  On Friday, I attended the Michigan Science Teachers Association annual conference.  On Saturday I was at the Quiet Water Symposium.  Yesterday and today (06 and 07 March) I am attending the Wildflower Association of Michigan annual conference at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing.  This is my sixth year attending this conference.  I first attended the WAM conference in 2011 when my wife was awarded a grant to install a garden at her school.  You can find many pictures of this garden here on my blog.  This garden started my work at installing native pollinator habitats.  So far I have helped plan and install four of them around Isabella County. 

Saginaw Chippewa Academy Native Pollinator Garden (June 2015)

The garden in June 2014

The garden as it appeared in July 2013
The garden site as it appeared in 2011 before planting

Every year the Wildflower Association of Michigan is able to give grants up to $1000 dollars to schools and other organizations across the state.  This year WAM was able to give out 11 different grants.  One of the grants was awarded the Little Forks Conservancy to expand demonstration gardens at their offices in Midland.  Congratulations to the Little Forks Conservancy and all of the other awardees.  

Make sure to check out the Little Forks Conservancy and learn more about their preserves and conservation activities.

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