Monday, August 22, 2016

Beautiful Clouds

I have several more wildflowers that I need to write up for my Wildflowers of 2016 list, but instead I want to share something different.

I came into work a little late this morning, which was lucky for me.  If I had left home when I intended, I never would have seen these beautiful cloud formations.

Although the upper cloud formations were nice, especially with the dramatic lighting, it was the low bank of clouds that really made this cool for me.

Those low clouds were probably less than 100 feet above the ground.  Although that low bank stretched for about a mile, it was very narrow (probably less than 300 feet wide).

I stayed for a few minutes and watched the clouds quickly roll to the southeast.  There is a saying that photography is all about timing. It's true.  If I had passed through 15 minutes earlier, those clouds would not have been there yet.  If I had been 15 minutes later, they would have already passed through. 

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