Monday, November 21, 2016

The woods of November

Last Friday (18 November), I took some time to walk around at Chipp-A-Waters Park and take a few photographs.  Most of the leaves are gone from the trees, but there is still plenty to see if you look closely.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Chippewa River in November

Common Milkweed seed

Fleabane flowers (last flowers of the year?)

American Beech woods

Beech leaves
Beech trunks

Lichen on a Beech stump

White Oak leaves

American Beech trunk
Mallard drake

Honeysuckle berries


  1. Proof that there is beauty in ALL the seasons. I especially like the beech trunk--very nice!

    1. Thanks. I love beech trees for all of the interesting things that their trunks do (patterns/shapes/etc).

      I know you're somewhere in northern Michigan (I read your blog on occasion) - did you get dumped on by snow this weekend?