Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trail camera photos - 2017 Isabella County floods edition

This morning I went to retrieve the memory cards from my two trail cameras. These cameras have not been touched since 14 June.  I was anxious to see if they recorded any images of the flooding that happened around 22- 25 June.  Both cameras are located in high areas of a swamp/floodplain forest and I knew that there was the potential that they would be in flooded areas.  Because we left for vacation right after the flooding happened this was my first chance to see these pictures.

This first picture is from before the flooding.  This area sits about 2 or 3 feet above the surrounding swamp.  Usually by the end of June large areas of the swamp are dry.

At approximately 5:00AM on 23 June, after a night of heavy rain, there is some puddling visible in this area.

By 5:45AM the water level had risen drastically and there is almost no dry land in sight, with the exception of the immediate foreground.

By 11:15AM even the foreground is covered with a shallow layer of flood waters.

By 12:00 noon, the water had risen several more inches.  This wet fawn does not seem to be enjoying the overabundance of water.

The water continued to rise until at least 4:38PM.

By 5:00AM on the 24 June the waters had receded a foot or more.  The only water remaining was trapped in low spots.  This family of Norther Raccoons (Procyon lotor) was taking advantage of the increased foraging opportunities brought about by the flooding.

This water continued to drain away over the next twenty-four hours.

By 7:30PM on 25 June, this area was essentially back to normal.  The surrounding low areas still retain more water than is typical for this time of year.

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