Monday, January 15, 2018

IMG_0115 for 01/15 (A random collection of photos that all have the same name)

The following photographs have nothing in common, except their file names.  Each of these photos is titled IMG_0115.  I don't do a good job of labeling photos as I add them to my computer.  Each of the pictures goes into a separate file according to the date that the picture was taken, but the individual pictures all have the name that the camera assigned to them.

I actually thought of this idea of posting several of the pictures a few months ago while I was searching for an image on my computer.  I was writing a new blog post and wanted to use a certain photograph, but I couldn't remember which file it was saved in.  Fortunately I had used the file previously in another blog post.  When I use an image on this blog the link to the image contains the name of the file so I was able to look at that link and then do a search on my computer for the original file.  I found the file that I wanted, but I also found several dozen more images with the same name.

With that experience, I decided that I would share several photos that share the same name.  Why did I pick IMG_0115 as the title to share?  Today's date is January 15th, or if you are expressing it as a number in the format MM/DD it is 01/15.  So IMG_0115 it is.

IMG_0115 - Devil's Tower as seen from the base of its boulder field (July 2017)

IMG_0115 - Mt. Rushmore (July 2017)

IMG_0115 - Red Admiral butterfly  (May 2017)

IMG_0115 - Yellow Trout Lily (April 2017)

IMG_0115 - Trail clearance at Audubon Woods Preserve (April 2017)
IMG_0115 - Rural sunrise (January 2017)
The rest of the photos can be found below the break.

IMG_0115 - Leaf and vine (January 2017)

IMG_0115 - Highbush Cranberry (December 2016)

IMG_0115 - Northern Cardinal male (November 2016)

IMG_0115 - Fall leaves and mossy trunk (Otober 2016)

IMG_0115 - European Honeybee on Cup Plant (September 2016)

IMG_0115 - Burial mound at Great Serpent Mound near Peebles, OH (July 2016)

IMG_0115 - Common Garter Snakes in a shrub (May 2016)

IMG_0115 - Downy feather caught in grass (May 2016)

IMG_0115 - Yellow Trout Lily (May 2016)
IMG_0115 - Canada Goose (April 2016)
IMG_0115 - Tree on stilts, growing atop an old cedar stump (March 2016)

IMG_0115 - Spider on Michigan Lily seed pod (December 2015)

IMG_0115 - Backroad sunrise (October 2015)
IMG_0115 - Wildflowers and apple tree at Peterson Natural Area (August 2015)

IMG_0115 - Viceroy butterfly on Purple Coneflower at Forest Hill Nature Area (August 2015)
IMG_0115 - Canada Mayflower (May 2015)

IMG_0115 - Eastern Chipmunk (March 2015)

IMG_0115 - Water, snow, and ice (January 2015)

IMG_0115 - Snowy Owl near Traverse City, MI (November 2014)

IMG_0115 - Rainbow (September 2014)

IMG_0115 - Lake Michigan Sunset at Ludington, MI (August 2014)

IMG_0115 - Wild Mint (July 2014)

IMG_0115 - European Honeybee with Common Milkweed pollen (June 2014)
IMG_0115 - Whirlygig Beetles (June 2014)

IMG_0115 - Indian Strawberry (May 2014)

IMG_0115 - Mayapples at Mission Creek Woodland Park (May 2014)
IMG_0115 - Nodding Trillium (May 2014)

IMG_0115 - Jack-in-the-pulpit (May 2014)

IMG_0115 - False Rue-anemone (May 2014)

IMG_0115 - Common Garter Snake (April 2014)
IMG_0115 - Small native bee in crocus (April 2014)

IMG_0115 - American Robins in winter (January 2014)

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