Thursday, October 17, 2013


If life gives you apples, make cider.

This Monday we did just that with 2nd grade students from the Saginaw Chippewa Academy.

Some of the apples came from my parents' orchard.  Other apples came from the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.  Finally a bucket of apples came from two tree planted alongside the parking lot of a university building.  The apples from these two trees were going to waste.  They were just dropping into the parking lots and being run over by cars or rotting under the tree.  The same was happening to the apples at the fast food restaurant.  Why would anyone plant a fruit tree that is never going to be harvested?

I decided to rescue some of this fruit and put it to use.

Apples cut in half to show the star inside

Five gallons of apples makes about 1 gallon of cider
Apple pulp waiting to be pressed
One student cranks, another feed the grinder

The press is almost full

Cranking the grinder - this is hard work!

Pressing the pulp - you can see the fresh cider running out of the press
One of three gallons that we made

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