Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pine River Park

Due to the federal government shutdown, I find myself at home much more than usual.  I don't work for the United States government and I haven't been furloughed, but the organization that I work for (Isabella Conservation District) shares offices with our local US Department of Agriculture Service Center.  The Service Center is shut down so the Conservation District office is shut down.  This does not affect the programs that I do in schools, on the days I have programs I still go to do them.  However, on those days when I do not have any programs to give, I don't have an office to go to.  On those days, like today, I am working from home.

I live in the City of Alma and have for several years now.  Alma has eight public parks.  I almost never visit the parks in Alma.  The parks are basically open areas with play structures, picnic shelters, and ball fields.  Only one of the parks has anything that can be classified as a natural area - Pine River Park.  I have only visited Pine River Park a few times in the past, but with a lot of time on my hands today I though I would go see what I could see for an hour or so.

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