Thursday, November 21, 2013

Five Science Websites for Kids

Almost every time I go to a classroom, students ask me how I know "so much" about science.  I always say that I studied a lot in school and still read lots of books, articles, and websites about science. Because I know that there are student that look at this blog, here is a list of five cool science websites:

Field Guide to North American Mammals  

This is a list generated by searching on the Smithsonian North American Mammals website.  You can search for your location (North America Only) by latitude/longitude, by state, or by searching a national park.once the list comes up, click on the name of each animal to learn more about it.

All About Birds Bird Guide

This website is run by the Cornell Institute of Ornithology and is amazing! Any time I want to know anything about birds, this is the first place I look.  To find any bird on this site, just start typing its name in the box.

Project Beak

Another website about birds.  My favorite part of this website is the page about Adaptations.  Make sure that you Build a Bird and see if you gave it the right adaptations to survive in its habitat.

Wildlife of Pennsylvania Clue Game

This is a "hangman" game using animal names.  It is for Pennsylvania Animals, but Michigan has most of the same animals.  Once you figure out the name of the animal go here to read an article about that animal.

The Life of a Tree

This website from the National Arbor Day foundation is a great place for kids to learn about the lifecycle and parts of a tree.

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