Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Weather

It feels like winter in Mid-Michigan.  Local high temperatures for the next week are forecast in the teens and twenties.  Low temperatures may drop down into the single digits during that time.  Tonight's low temperature is forecast at 3 degrees (Fahrenheit). 

We had our first lasting snowfall of the season on Sunday and Monday.  There are several inches of the white stuff on the ground now.  It is not a lot of snow, but it looks like Winter.  Here are a few photographs from Monday.  These photos were taken right outside the office.

Snowy skies

Snow on a spruce branch

Common Milkweed in Winter

Winter in the field behind the office

Eastern Cottonwood and snow

Rodent tunnel in the snow

Bird nest

Rose hips and milkweed fluff

Common Milkweed fluff

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