Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NOT a Sign of Spring

I saw this scene today at Nelson Park in Mt. Pleasant.

It's obviously a flock of birds in a tree, but what kind of birds?  Maybe this next picture will make it clearer...

Look familiar?  Still not sure?  Check out the next one...

It's an American Robin (Turdus migratorius).  There were approximately 20 - 30 of them in a mixed flock with European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) feeding on ornamental crabapples.  Here is a photo of four Robins and a Starling together.

Most people associate Robins with Spring and Summer, but do not realize that many Robins remain in Mid-Michigan throughout the year.

Later, while driving home, I saw a second flock of approximately twenty Robins on the ground along the side of the road.

For more information about the American Robin look at this post from last April.

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