Monday, March 24, 2014

Milkweed , Snow, Ice, and Grass

Last week out in the field behind the Conservation District office to take a few photographs and to collect milkweed seeds.  In parts of the field the snow was melting rapidly, leaving patches of bare grass.  I really liked the pattern that the snow formed as it melted.  In some areas the snow was completely gone; in other spaces a thin lens of ice remained; and in some spaces several inches of snow remained.  I also liked the contrast of the bare stalks and (mostly) empty seedpods against the background of snow and grass.

Common Milkweed, snow, ice, and grass

Some milkweed pods still had seeds hanging on

I like the shadows from the milkweeds falling over the snow and grass

Melting snow and dried grass

An ice lens is all that remains over the grass in many places

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