Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dreaming of a White Christmas - A Non-Scientific Study of Holiday Snow Cover Since 2007

It doesn't look like Mid-Michigan will be enjoying a White Christmas this year.

What a contrast to last December...  This photo was taken one year ago today (23 DEC 2013) looking down the street from my house.

Hey look! A squirrel!

Looking at that photo got me thinking about the previous year...

This photo of my niece and nephew was taken on 29 DEC 2012.

Yeah! Snow!

How about the year before that?  This photo of Shara holding a Tufted Titmouse was taken on 25 DEC 2011. 

Hey look! No snow in the background!

Let's go back another year.  This photograph was taken on 26 DEC 2010.

This photo of a cat in a box of wrapping paper clearly shows there was snow for Christmas in 2010.

I can't find any photos that show the ground for Christmas 2009 - but this picture from New Year's Day 2010 clearly shows there was snow within a week of Christmas.

There was also snow on the ground at Christmas the previous year.  This photo is from 24 DEC 2008.

Looking back as far as my digital photo archives allow.  Here is a photograph from 28 DEC 2007.

Hey look! Another squirrel!

That would mean that for six out of past eight Christmases (including this year) we have had snow on the ground.  Seventy-five percent is not bad, unless it's a grade in science class in that case it's only a C.  Mother Nature might need to work on bumping up that grade a little next year.

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