Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Anatomy of an Axe

Lately, many of the school programs that I have been giving have been about the history of logging in Michigan.  During this program I show students many of the tools that were traditionally used in logging, especially those tools used in the late 1800's when Michigan could rightly be called the "logging capital of the world".

One of the things that I teach students during this presentation is the anatomy of an axe.  Specifically, I teach them the anatomy of a single-bit, Michigan Pattern felling axe.  In addition to pointing out the parts on a real axe, last week I decided to draw up a diagram to give the students.  I also included small drawings of two other axes that I show to students - a double-bit axe and a hewing axe.

Anatomy of a single-bit Michigan Pattern axe

For more information on axes and saws, check out this post from August 2013.

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