Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ice, Snow, Running Water

Last Friday (30 JAN 2015), I was able to take a few minutes between classroom presentations to photograph ice along the Chippewa River in Mill Pond Park.

The river is partially frozen over.  The only open water is in areas with a strong current. 

Along the edges of the current, the ice has developed some interesting formations.


I took these photos with a telephoto lens on my camera.  I was able to approach close to the edge of the ice by walking on rocks.  I did see some footprints where people had walked across some of the ice. 

It is never safe to walk on ice that formed over running water!  There is no way to tell how thick the ice may be.  EXTREME caution should always be taken when crossing ice that may potentially be thin.  It should only be crossed in an emergency if there are no other options (and there are always other options).  I have personally broken through ice and landed in water up to my armpits - it is NOT FUN.

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