Monday, September 12, 2016


The Monarch Butterfly Celebration is this Saturday and I have zero Monarchs right now, despite hours of searching for caterpillars.  This morning, a short walk through the field behind the Conservation District office once again left me empty-handed.

However, the walk was not totally worthless, I did find three preying mantids.  I watched each of these fly in front of me and land awkwardly on plant stalks.


  1. Are there fewer Monarchs this year, do you think? We've only been in our house here for a year, so I don't really have a comparison as the former owner didn't have many flowering pollinator-attracting plants. This year I have a ton of zinnias and have seen a few monarchs on them, but there are no eggs that I've been able to find on my milkweeds plants (which are growing very robustly) - and I haven't seen any signs of anything eating the leaves.

    1. The general consensus seems to be that yes there are fewer Monarchs in Michigan this year. I found very few caterpillars this summer as did a couple of other people that I know who search extensively. That being said, some areas may have an abundance. One person that I know has found dozens of them on their property. I had a similar experience two years ago - everyone said the population was down, but I had my best year ever. One of those things you just have to hrug your shoulders at...