Monday, February 6, 2017


Part of my day Saturday (04 February) was spent wandering the woods at Mill Pond Park and Mission Creek Park.  The day was kind of dreary, with a dull flat light.  So even though I took over 150 photographs, I was not happy with most of them.  My favorite pictures of the day had a common feature - texture.  Texture is something that I find myself photographing over and over again.  I have even written one post specifically about the subject.

Here are three photos showing some of the textural variety that I encountered on Saturday.

The rings on this wood are decaying at an uneven rate, resulting in the grooves seen here.

 A closer view of a section of ice on Mission Creek

This fallen log is covered with a layer of yellow fungus.

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  1. There is just so much beauty out in nature.

    I'm so happy for digital cameras---easy to snap hundreds (and delete just as many!). Remember the days of waiting for photos to be developed, only to discover they all sucked?
    Not much change is good, in my book, but cameras----definitely better!