Friday, April 19, 2013

"If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin to break" - Mid-Michigan Floods April 2013

If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break
If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break
When the levee breaks I'll have no place to stay
                     - Led Zepellin 
                                          "When the Levee Breaks

According to NOAA data, over the last 14 days Mid-Michigan has received over 6 inches of rainfall (with some areas receiving more than 8 inches).

NOAA 14 Day Observed Precipitation

This has cause light to moderate flooding throughout the region.  The Pine River is over its banks in both Alma and St. Louis.  In Shepherd, the Little Salt River has gone over its banks.  The Chippewa River is over its banks in Mt. Pleasant and downstream.  In Midland, the Titabawassee is also flooding.

Mt Pleasant is under a Flood Warning until further notice.  As of noon on April 18th the river was at 7.8 feet; flood stage is at 8.0 feet.  it is expected to rise to nearly 12.7 feet by Sunday morning.

Water flowing over the Riverwalk Trail at Chipp-A-Waters Park

Water over the trail at this point measured about 4 inches.  The Chippewa River is to the left in this picture.

The Chippewa River at its banks.

Much of the floodplain is already flooded.

This is the same area of the trail as in pic 2.  The water level had risen to 8 inches  by this point.

The next few pictures are from Mill Pond Park in Mt. Pleasant.

The Chippewa River almost out of its banks and covering the Riverwalk Trail on both sides of the river.

Due to rising water, all City of Mt Pleasant Parks that border the Chippewa River were closed to the public until flood waters recede.

The next two pictures are of the Little Salt River in Shepherd.

The Little Salt River over its banks, flooding Little Salt River Park.

The view upstream from Blanchard Road (Photo by Shara LeValley).

The final set of photographs is from the Pine River in Alma.  People have been evacuated from several blocks of houses and apartments near the river and several streets and bridges have been closed.

Looking across the Pine River from the Alma Public Library
Water nearly to the roadway of the Superior Street Bridge.  The bridge was closed to traffic shortly after.

Pine River floodwaters up to Superior Street and the Alma Public Library.

The park a few blocks from our house.

The sign becomes more interesting when the trail is under water.

This is two blocks south of our house - our house sits at least 8 foot higher.  

This is this second time in as many weeks that the apartments and houses at the end of our street have been evacuated due to flooding.  Our house sits significantly higher and is out of the floodplain.  We do have some water seeping into our basement, but the floor drains are taking care of that.  The concern is that Alma's combined sanitary/storm sewer system will be overtaxed.  Partially treated water is already being released in the Pine River from the city wastewater treatment plant.  The city commission has declared flooded areas of the city as a disaster area.

Houses on the other side of the street, three blocks from our house.

Yes that sign does say duck crossing - the resident at that address feeds ducks in her yard. A duck actually swam by as I was walking back to get in the car.


I wrote this post last night.  We were expecting more rainfall and the rivers were expected to continue rising.  Much of the expected rainfall missed our area.  The Pine River in Alma has crested and is expected to begin dropping soon.  The Little Salt River has begun to drop.  The Chippewa River is expected to continue to rise over the next two days.

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