Friday, June 20, 2014

Native Pollinator Garden Update - Saginaw Chippewa Academy

Since I posted photos from the Native Pollinator Garden at the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum yesterday, today I am going to share some photos from the Native Pollinator garden at the Saginaw Chippewa Academy.  This garden was planted in June 2011 and is in its fourth summer of growth.  Because plants in this garden grow very enthusiastically, it sometimes looks a little bit weedy.  This garden does need a little bit of maintenance (relocating self-seeded plants, moving wooden ""stepping-stones", etc.).

Regardless, I think this garden is beautiful in it exuberance.

Looking north into the garden

Lance-leafed Coreopsis is the foreground

The white flowers are Canada Anemone - the path is going to be moved to the open space on the right

Coreopsis has self-seeded  and is spreading across the garden.  The hazy pink plants are Prairie Smoke

Hairy Beard-tongue surrounded by Lance-leafed Coreopsis

A mouse-eye view of Lance-leafed Coreopsis

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