Friday, August 9, 2013

Chippewa Valley Audubon Club 2013-14 Meeting Schedule

The Chippewa Valley Audubon Club has released its meeting schedule for the 2013-14 meeting season.  All meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise noted) at 7:00PM in the Annex of the Veterans Memorial Library, 301 S. University in Mt. Pleasant.  The meeting schedule is as follows:

11 September 2013
"Whitefish Point Bird Observatory"
  •  Myles McNally talks about the iconic observatory at the tip of Whitefish Point in the eastern U.P. and some of the birds to be seen there. Myles is the chair of WPBO's Board of Directors and a frequent visitor to the Point.  WPBO's website and Facebook pages are also managed by Myles. 
09 October 2013
"Feral Swine"
  • Escaped swine are a problem in neighboring counties and Isabella County may be next to experience them. Timothy Wilson from USDA Wildlife Services will discuss Feral Swine and their impact on our environment including health risks to citizens, agriculture, and wildlife.
05 November 2013
  •  Note this is not the usual date. Kory Koch from Midwest Aerial Solutions will give a program on the sport of falconry.  Some topics will include permits, training of both falcons and falconers, hunting with falcons, and the use of falcons to reduce damage caused by wild birds to fields, orchards, and public places.  There will be live birds.
11 December 2013
"Club Member Sharing Night"
  • Members are invited to bring digital pictures, prints, artwork, crafts or other memorabilia highlighting outdoor activities.
08 January 2014
"Bringing Back the Cestnut Trees"
  • Our speaker, Dr. Dennis Fulbright, a plant pathologist at MSU for 30 years, will talk on the habitat and history of the American Chestnut, the catastrophic blight that almost destroyed the species and the efforts to re-establish it.  He will also discuss opportunities to support this, including access to seedlings.
12 February 2014
"Forgotten Western Journals of John James Audubon – What Kind of Conservationist Was He?"
  •  The discovery of three original journals from Audubon’s 1843 expedition to the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers leads us to a new and more accurate understanding of what the namesake of the Audubon Society actually thought about how humans should relate to wildlife.  Throughout his career, his gunning ethic was a messy work in progress, but by the time he was done (1851), he was one of the first to advocate for the ethical consideration of birds and human restraint in the environment. Daniel Patterson discusses.
12 March 2014
"Bats, Spiders, Pollinators"
  • This topic runs the gamut abut pollinators of our plants. Robin Hayes from Bat Conservation of Michigan will discuss the importance of pollinators but also less known contributors to plant survival such as bats and spiders.
09 April 2014
"Wildflowers of the White Pine Trail"
  •  Dr. Ralph Crew highlights the wildflowers that can be seen along this rail trail that is actually a linear State park.
14 May 2014
"Aquatic Invertebrates"
  •  Mike LeValley will present a program about the denizens of our swamps, bogs and ephemeral ponds.

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