Friday, August 23, 2013

First Monarch Caterpillars of the Year

Monarch caterpillar photographed in 2007 at Fayette State Park in the Upper Peninsula

This week we found our first Monarch caterpillars of the season - one on Wednesday and two yesterday. They are currently munching away on Common Milkweed leaves on our dining room table.  Only the three caterpillars so far.  This is not good, we had a great year for Monarchs in Michigan and the Northeast last year, but the rest of the country did not.  Overwintering populations were way down in Mexico and it has taken the butterflies a long time to make their way to Michigan this year.  Overall, I have now seen the three caterpillars and only four adults this summer.  Please plant milkweeds and other native plants to help our Monarch populations recover. Look here for more info on planting native plants for pollinators.

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