Monday, August 3, 2015

Once in a Blue Moon Moth Hunt, Interrupted...

Moth hunters await the arrival of the moths (and rainclouds)

Last Friday night (31 AUG 2015), a group of nature enthusiasts from the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy met at the CWC's Sylvan Solace Preserve for the Once In A Blue Moon Moth Hunt.

Unfortunately, about the same time that the moths started to roll in so did a rain storm.  It started with wind, followed by light sprinkles.  When the rain became heavier, I had to make the decision to shut things down.  Hot lightbulbs and lots of extension cords do not mix very well with cold rains.

We did have a few moths come in before the came came.  Most of them were very skittish (probably due to the changes in the weather) and did not stay long on our sheets.  I was only able to get photos of one moth before we shut down - I know other people did get more pictures.  I think this photograph was enough to identify the species.  It appears to be a One-lined Sparganothis Leafroller (Sparganothis unifasciana). 

One-lined Sparganothis (Sparganothis unifasciana)

I am currently looking at options for rescheduling this rain-shortened outing.  If this event is rescheduled I will post more information here.

UPDATE:  This event has been rescheduled for this Friday (07 August 2015) at 9:00PM.  If you plan on attending please sign up on the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy's website.

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