Thursday, April 21, 2016

If you build a bluebird trail, they will come

Not a great photo, but it does show the male of the Bluebird pair that I saw at the Ziibiwing Center

The new bluebird trail at the Ziibiwing Center is drawing attention from the local birds.  Yesterday afternoon I stopped to see if there was any activity.  I found several pairs of Tree Swallows either perching on or entering boxes.  I also found at least one pair of Eastern Bluebirds staking a claim to one box.  The birds are still very skittish and are best observed from a distance - as they begin to nest and acclimate to attention you should be able to approach a little bit closer.  Out in the field behind the museum I also saw and heard at least two male Eastern Meadowlarks calling back and forth.

Again, not a great picture - Eastern Meadowlark male

Last week I even saw a birder, glassing the open fields with binoculars.

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