Thursday, June 2, 2016

Baby Bluebird Update (31 May 2016)

The baby Eastern Bluebirds at the Ziibiwing Center continue to grow quickly.  They have begun to spill out of the nest cup.  At a minimum these nestlings are 15 days old.  They could fledge (leave the nest) any day.

It's getting crowded in here... (Photo by Shara LeValley)

Baby Eastern Bluebirds (Photo by Shara LeValley)

One of the other nest boxes has a Tree Swallow nest.  When we opened the box, Mama Tree Swallow was sitting inside.

A female Tree Swallow sitting on her nest (Photo by Shara LeValley)

Meanwhile, in one of the nest boxes at the Saginaw Chippewa Academy a clutch of Tree Swallow eggs has hatched.

Tree Swallow nestlings (Photo by Shara LeValley)

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