Thursday, October 13, 2016

Earth Science Week 2016 - The rocks on my desk...

Happy Earth Science Week!

For today, I just thought I would photograph and share the rocks that are currently sitting on my desk at the office.  This doesn't include the ones in the desk, or the ones in a box under the desk, or the ones on a shelf next to the desk, or the ones...

Well you get the idea - there are a lot of rock samples around my desk.

Unakite pebble - pink feldspar, clear quartz, and green epidote

Chain coral fossil

Chert - a form of micro-crystalline quartz

Concretion (?)


Not sure on this one...

Conglomerate - AKA "puddingstone"
Limestone with horn coral fossil
Limestone with bryozoa fossil
Not sure what to call this one - looks like fractured basalt with quartz bonding it together

Petrified wood slices
Possibly Limonite - a form of iron ore


I'm not sure of the origins of all of these rocks.  I collected some of them, others were given to me, and others were purchased at rock shows/rock shops/etc.

I'm also not entirely sure why they are all sitting on my desk.  I'm sure there are very good reason, but I can't think of them right now.  I need to clean my desk...

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